Director Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. will theatrically re-release his 2020 sci-fi film “Tenet.”  The film, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, follows an ex-CIA agent who is tasked with investigating mysterious, time-traveling objects linked to an attack from the future to the present.

Tenet will return to movie theaters on 70mm Imax, Imax, digital and 70mm film screens for one week only, starting Feb. 23. The screenings, held across the U.S. and in select international markets, will be accompanied by exclusive footage of “Dune: Part Two,” which debuts on March 1.

Nolan said in a statement, “Seeing the way audiences responded to our large format presentations of ‘Oppenheimer,’ I’m thrilled that Warner Bros. is giving audiences a chance to see ‘Tenet’ the way it was intended to be seen, on the largest Imax and large format film screens, and I’m honored to have our movie warm up the film projectors for Denis [Villenueve]’s jaw-dropping ‘Dune: Part Two.’”

Dune: Part Two’ director Denis Villeneuve added: “As an audience member, I have always valued Chris’s forward thinking when it comes to shooting on film and especially in large formats. As directors, we are completely in sync; on ‘Dune,’ we shot several sequences for Imax, and I simply loved it, so for ‘Dune: Part Two,’ we pushed it to 100% of the movie. Working with the Imax format was the only way to capture the experience of Arrakis, Giedi Prime and the Imperium for audiences. That is why I am just as eager to see ‘Tenet’ again, but now in 70mm Imax, the way they filmed it, to fully appreciate his vision for this incredible film.”

Tickets for “Tenet” are on sale now. You can watch the re-release trailer: here.

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